Our Company -

Two decades ago Pavan Makker came to America in search of his MBA.  Along the way he came to realize his passion.  He soon learned that he could bring 3PL solutions to the best of the apparel industry and serve as a quality conduit to their vital retail partners.  As time went on Pavan realized he could provide warehousing, inventory control and distribution solutions to other industries as well.  And thus the Yankee Clipper tradition was born.

As time went on the Yankee Clipper family has grown.  Kelly, Pavan's wife, brings a solid understanding of the inner workings of the 3PL world as well as a balance to Pavan's superior leadership and relationship building skills.  We continue to acquire talent as we grow the Yankee Clipper family with quality people who understand the mission; "Providing the complete third party logistics service to our customers".

As for technology Yankee Clipper employs both automated and manual sortation systems, as well as Power House (QSSI) and W.I.S.E (Royal 4 Systems) warehouse management solutions (WMS).

Today, Yankee Clipper Distribution provides solutions in two of the largest US markets, that being the New York City and Los Angeles areas.  With three warehouse operations Yankee Clipper can meet and exceed the logistics needs of its' clients.